The Lindsay Institute for Innovations in Caregiving


The Lindsay Institute, named after one of its co-founders, Dr. Richard W. Lindsay, is led by public/private partnership non-profit VirginiaNavigator and an Advisory Committee made up of energetic, experienced and passionate partners—working collaboratively to create and implement inventive and award-winning new initiatives aimed at improving caregivers' health, wellbeing and stability.

One of those initiatives is an annual “Caring for the Caregiver Hack” that engages faculty and interdisciplinary students at Virginia-based colleges and universities to create tech-based tools (apps, devices, wearables, products) to support the caregiver, with a special focus on caregiver health. The intercollegiate hack applies out-of-the-box thinking to address declining caregiver health while working to cultivate a workforce that is aware of the impact of caregiving. The video message displayed on this page shows Senator Mark R. Warner (Va) congratulating Dr. Lindsay on the development of the Institute and talking about his own caregiving experiences.

Planned future initiatives include further development of tools for caregivers, hack events and specialized education for future health providers and allied health professionals. Keep abreast of future developments and sign-up for our news service below…or, if you’re a likeminded individual or organization, reach out and let’s partner!


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