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News for and about caregivers...


2024 News

  • May 2024: How Caregivers are Using Smart Tech to Help Aging Parents, Bradley Cooper Says Caring for His Father was a "Wake-Up Call" to the Caregiving Crisis Squeezing Millions of Families, Family Caregivers are Struggling at Work-Need Support Support from Employers to Stay-AARP Finds, Rethinking Caregiver in America: A Framework for Growth and Sustainability, Digital Mental Health for Older Adults: Foe or Friend?
  • March 2024: Fintech Can Help Caregivers if Barriers to Adoption are Addressed, Newly Launched National Resource Guide for Caregiving Youth Promotes Awareness and Action, The Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers and FEMA Release Disaster Preparedness Guide on National Caregivers Day...Honoring the Legacy of First Lady Rosalynn Carter, Supporting Young Caregivers: Talking About ALS with Children and Youth, Opening Doors to Employment Opportunities for Veteran Caregivers
  • January 2024: Can Artificial Intelligence Solve the Caregiving Crisis? Grandparents as Caregivers: A Changing Demographic with Unique Support Needs, White Paper-Working While Caring: Innovations and Interventions to Support Caregivers in the Workplace, Building Your Caregiving Support Team, Policy Brief: How the 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Advances Supports for Family Caregivers



2023 News

  • November 2023: What is the "Sandwich Generation?" Many Adults Struggle with Caregiving, Bills, and Work, The Only People Who Understand What a Caregiver Goes Through, The Physical Toll on a Caregiver's Body, 6 Questions to Ask That Will Make Caring for Older Relatives Much Easier, Caring for the Carers: A Spotlight Brief on Supporting the Mental Health of Family Caregivers, Why Generative AI in Healthcare Requires a Focus on Caregivers and Patients
  • September 2023: Grand Caregivers: Lessons Learned While Caring for Grandparents, 3 Caregiving Strategies for Dealing with Medical Uncertainty, State of Caregiver Burnout in America, What America's Aging Population Means for Family Caregivers Like Me, The Misconceptions We Form About Care, Virginia Tech CareEx Project
  • July 2023: Virginia Tech CareEx Project, 5 Ways Technology Can Make Life Easier for Caregivers of Dementia Patients, What it's Like to Care for Your Kids and Your Chronically Ill Partner, When Doctors Use a Chatbot to Improve Their Bedside Manner, Be an Effective Caregiver No Matter Where You Are, Remote Work: An Underestimated Benefit for Family Caregivers
  • May 2023: U.S. News & World Report Aging in Place With Assistive Tech Survey 2023, Centering the Home in Conversations About Digital Technology to Support Older Adults Aging in Place, 'Something for Me': The National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers, Virginia Tech CareEx Project, Valuing the Invaluable: 2023 Update--Strengthening Supports for Family Caregivers
  • March 2023: 2023 Guidebook: Supporting Diverse Family Caregivers: A Guide for Patient Advocacy Groups, I Took Over My Father's Finances at 25: The Lessons Were Hard-Won, The Caregiving System We Want Begins with Supporting Caregivers, Virginia Tech Care-Ex Project, The Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers Teams Up with Cigna Healthcare to Deliver Workshops for Dementia Caregivers
  • January 2023: Finding Home Care Help Through An App, New Report Provides Guidance for Supporting Caregivers during Emergencies and Natural Disasters, Two Programs Show Success Helping Young Caregivers, How to Make a Caregiving Plan (So It's Ready When You Need It), Caregivers Need Care, Too



2022 News

  • November 2022: AARP Study: U.S. Caregivers' Use of Technology, Majority of Adults Over 50 Report Being Caregivers for Other Seniors: Poll, Social Connection in Older Age, Palliative Researcher Oliver: Family Caregivers are Also Patients, The Caregiver's Lament: How to Handle the Costs of Care
  • September 2022: 2022 National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers, Centering Caregivers, Caring for Aging Parents, Sick Spouses is Keeping Millions Out of Work, Family Caregiving Considerations for the Future of Hospital at Home Programs, The Quiet Cost of Family Caregiving, Many Middle-Income Seniors Will Not Be Able to Pay for Long-Term Care and Housing in 10 Years
  • July 2022: The Economic Costs of Caregiving, Using Technology to Chart a Course for Care, Why Connected Home Care is the Next Frontier for Managing Chronic Diseases, MIT Research Informs Design of New Coordination Service for Family Caregivers, The VA and the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers Partner to Promote the Health and Well-Being of Veterans, Caregivers, and their Families, The Underground Economy of Unpaid Care
  • May 2022: Mason CARES Study for Care Partners Caring for a Loved One with Dementia, ASA RISE: Connecting the Dots Between Caregiving, DEI work, and  Aging, Invisible Overtime: What Employers Need to Know About Caregivers, Meet the 'Sandwich Generation': Financially Strapped Gen Xers Helping Out Both Their Parents and Their Children, How to Support Patients Who May Be Caregivers Too, Transportation: What Caregivers Need to Know 
  • March 2022: Cost of Care Survey, Family Caregiving in Diverse Communities: Addressing the Needs of Diverse Family Caregivers for Older Adults, Mom or Dad Moving In? What to Know About Becoming a Caregiver, How Years of Caregiving Led to Bankruptcy, Census Data: Finding Caregivers (family or paid) is Harder Than Ever
  • January 2022: Beginning to Understand The Systemic Challenges Facing Family Caregivers, How AI Can Enable and Support Both Caregivers and Patients, The Bottom Line: How Working While Caring Impacts our Nation's Economy, We Need to Pay More Attention to "Age-Tech," Mason CARES Study for Care Partners Caring for a Loved One with Dementia, How Smart Tech Around theHome Can Help Seniors and Their Caregivers



2021 News

  • November 2021: 2021/2022 Edition of Senior Navigator Magazine Launches, Mason CARES Study for Care Partners Caring for a Loved One with Dementia, Lessons from the Workplace: Caregiving During COVID-19, When Next-Generation Caregivers Meet New Technology, Care in the United States: Our Moment of Crisis
  • September 2021: The staggering, exhausting, invisible costs of caring for America's elderly, Working While Caring: Rosalynn Carter Institute Sounds Alarm on Behalf of Employed Family Caregivers, Caregiving is Crucial: How To Support Caregivers And Why It Matters So Much, As dementia's toll on the U.S. rises, new study shows major gaps in who gets care that could help them remain at home, The Growing Pressures Facing Unpaid Family Caregivers
  • July 2021: Learning from Neurodegenerative Disease Care Partners and Patients, New Legislation Aiming to Support Direct Care Workers/Family Caregivers, Family Caregivers Spend More Than $7,200 a Year on Out-of-Pocket Costs, Unpaid Caregivers Were Already Struggling-It's Only Gotten Worse During The Pandemic, Report Sheds New Light on Looming Caregiving Crisis, Three Ways Employers Can Best Support Caregivers Returning to Work
  • May 2021: Covid Forces Families to Rethink Nursing Home Care, The Practice of Acceptance, Awareness, and Compassion in Caregiving (PAACC) Study, 'Ever Forward' - Leeza Gibbons Talks About Caregiving, Caregiving Is a Vital Part of the Nation's Infrastructure Like Bridges and Roads, How to Create Workplaces That Work for Caregivers, Professor Reveals Filipino Caregivers in U.S. Vulnerable to Exploitation during Pandemic 
  • March 2021: Virginia Tech Researchers Seek to Understand Effects of Caregiving on Extended Family, 60% of First-Time Caregivers Are GenZ or Millennial, Technology Help for Older Adults and Caregivers, Biden Gender Policy Council Leaders - We Must Fix the Caregiving Crisis COVID Has Created for Women, How Years of Caregiving Led to Bankruptcy, Caregivers Are Missing From the Long Covid Conversation 
  • January 2021:  Startups at CES Showed How Tech Can Help Elderly People and Their Caregivers, Tele-Stories Research Project Seeks Participants, Veterans' Caregivers Are Getting COVID-19 Vaccine Priority, The Pandemic Offers an Opportunity to Reimagine Caregiving, Caregiving and COVID-19: A Toxic Cocktail for Women, When Family Caregivers Seek Help but Then Reject It  



2020 News

  • December 2020: 2020/2021 Edition of Senior Navigator Magazine Launches, Amazon Launches Alexa Care Hub for Elder and Family Care, Emergency Relief Funding for Military Caregivers, Lindsay Institute/VirginiaNavigator Featured in AARP’s “Caring Conversation”
  • September 2020: UVA Students’ Hack-Inspired Health Care Solution, VA Expands Aid to Cover Vietnam Vets’ Caregivers, Caregiving for Hospice Patients Adversely Affects Health, Where Are the Patient Advocates?, Wounded Warrior Project Invests in $7.25 Million Initiative to Give Back to Caregivers, College Students Give Virtual Respite to Dementia Caregivers
  • July 2020: Forecast for Post-Pandemic Caregiving, Tech Solutions for Caregivers Falling Short, COVID Cuts Off People with Disabilities from Their Caregivers, Taking Care of Our Caregivers
  • June 2020: Caregiving in the U.S. 2020 Report, Paid Caregiving Gaps for People with Dementia, VA Mission Act Caregiving Stipends, New Partnerships with the Rosalynn Carter Institute, MIT’s CareHive Survey of Family Caregivers, How COVID-19 Impacts Caregivers
  • April 2020: Caregiving Technology, Dementia Caregiving Tips During COVID-19, Online Education for Caregivers, Pandemic Pushing Family Members Into Caregiving Roles, and Balancing Work and Elder Care
  • March 2020: Caregiving Takes a Toll on Health, Financial Impact of Sandwich Caregiving, Involving Caregivers In Veterans’ Treatment, New Study on Caregiving in America, Innovative “Town Square” Dementia Day Care, Caregiving-Friendly Cities
  • January 2020: The Caregiver Tech Tool Finder, A Geriatrician Shortage, A "Care Ecosystem" for Dementia Patients, Gen-X Women's Caregiving Crunch, the Financial Burden on Black Caregivers, and the Need to Train Family Caregivers



2019 News

  • December 2019: "Caring for the Caregiver” Hack Winners, Virginia Voters Support Caregivers, Caregiving “Peace Corps,” Art Breaks for Cancer Caregivers, Millennial Caregivers, and Caregiving and Generational Poverty
  • September 2019: Behavioral Changes and Sleep, Women Caregivers and Work, Using Tablets with Dementia Patients, Maine Elder Worker Shortage, and Careers and Caregiving
  • July 2019: Politics and Elder Care, Caregiver Financial Relief, Caregiver Depression and ER Visits, and Family-Centered Design and Medical Products
  • April 2019: Family Caregivers and Complex Care, Caregiving and Your Health, The CARE Act, and Caregiving Benefits
  • February 2019: Caregiving and Relationships, Wandering Study Recruitment, Caregiver Stereotypes, Tech Breakthroughs, and How Employers Can Help Caregivers